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Meet the Staff of Queensbury Auto Mall

Alex Meaney - Sales Manager

518-792-9800 - QBAMAlexMeaney@gmail.com

Alex is our General Sales Manager.  He's been with the Auto Mall now for about 4 1/2 years and won't be going anywhere soon.  He has been apart of the massive rebuild of Queensbury Auto Mall and is actually the oldest son of the Owner Geraldine Eberlein.  He graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelors Degree and has worked in multiple industries such as music/night life, food, entertainment and automotive business.  He started out detailing cars to doing some online listings/social media account handling, to selling cars to financing and now to ultimately buying the cars and controlling our inventory today.  A lot has changed since Alex has been here and he has definitely had a very positive impact on the Auto Mall.  We can't wait to see what the future has in store!!  

Brody Hayes - Service Manager

518-792-9800 - brodyhqam@gmail.com

Brody has been with the Auto Mall family for almost 3 years now and has shown how dedicated he is to the succession of the Auto Mall.  From being a customer at one point in time purchasing one of his first vehicles here to now running our Rapidly Growing service shop.  Brody has also been involved in a multitude of different industries before finding a true home in the automotive industry.  Brody is your guy to call for any service concern and is willing to work wonders on any make/model.  Brody is another key asset here at the Auto Mall and he would love to help you with any of your automotive service needs from full service detail/body work to any maintenance your ride may need!  

Geraldine Eberlein - Owner

518-792-9800 - hotcars@albany.twcbc.com

Geraldine has been a part owner of the company for close to 20 years now and she has officially began to immerse herself to completely owning the company.  She has completely renovated this company over the past couple years.  She continues to want to push this company to greater heights for her family.  Gerry has seen every part of the car business and actually has never really been able to get away from it.  Her father is Gerald Mackey who at one point was one of the most powerful independent pre-owned car dealers in the capital region.  She worked closely under her father for years and kept tabs on the books for her father.  At the Auto Mall she has completely over hauled by doing book keeping, employee hires, schedule management, guaranteed financing and she even renovates the building herself with close work of our staff.  She has been the glue that held the Auto Mall together for years and she is now very excited for the future of the company!  

John Hansen - Finance Manager

518-792-9800 - jhansen8636@gmail.com

Mr. John Hansen is relatively new to the Auto Mall family but in the short 7 months he has been apart of the company we have seen a totally different Queensbury Auto Mall.  The big guy has become one of our most reliable employees and is a consistent, diligent and truly knowledgable worker.  The guy works 7 days a week and absolutely can not get enough of the car business.  We've been blessed to have John up here at the Auto Mall, turning down a multitude of offers at other establishments but saw something special in the growth of the Auto Mall and needed to be apart of it.  John has been financing and selling cars for over 30+ years.  Having worked for all the big guns Fucillo, Cooley, Nemer, etc. he thinks his knowledge will help grow the Auto Mall to the next level.  Come see Big John today and he's gonna cook you up one outstanding deal!! 

Matt "Chewy" Eberlein - General Sales Consultant

518-792-9800 - Qam.matte@gmail.com

Matt aka Chewy has become determined to learn the car business.  He has been involved with cars his whole life and really found a love for selling cars.  He has been with the company for about 2 years now and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  He is also a son of Owner Geraldine, and has watched the Auto Mall over the years to become the young salesman that he is today.  Chewy loves meeting new people and establishing relationships with our clientele for the future.  The young gun continues to grow and learn more and more about the car business and is showing no signs of slowing down.  You'll be sure to see him around the dealership and he would LOVE to sell you your next car! 

Matthew "Iggy" Hall - Senior Shop Technician

518-792-9800 - stormbowling1@aol.com

Matthew "Iggy" Hall has been with the Auto Mall family for over 18 years now!  He has become a very friendly and familiar face to our customer base.  Iggy is one of the hardest working human beings that the planet has ever birthed.  Getting here in the earliest hours of the day and constantly working his tail off to fix cars.  One of the most handy of men and truly creative with the auto mechanic field.  Iggy is dedicated to the Auto Mall movement and will continue to be here through every single day.  Iggy has established himself in the community and is one of the most caring humans we have ever had the kindness of meeting.  We hope you can meet him one day too and get to see what hard work truly looks like!  Thank you again Iggy!